The house is located on the point with a great view of the surrounding hills, the Zeleni Vir Valley and the Kupa River. If the weather is clear one can see all the way to the Julijske, Kamniške and Savinjske Alps (at the distance of approximately 200 km), glittering in the snow in winter time. There are many walking paths around Skrad taking you through scented forests to gorgeous sceneries. There are great sites for rest, relaxation and various outdoor activities. You are in the centre of the Gorski Kotar area, which is the starting point for excursions to the surrounding countryside (to Zeleni Vir (a spring) and Vražji Prolaz (a gorge), to the Iševnčica and Kupica rivers, the Kupa River, the Skradski or Veliki Vrh peaks). You can go to the small nearby highland villages (Tusti Vrh, Sleme, Žrnovac, Planina, Gorica, Zakrajc, Malo Selce, Bukov Vrh, Hribac, Rogi, Buzin, Radočaj and many others); and see how people live and why they emigrate, how meadows and arable lands have overgrown, and why the villages are disappearing. Near the village of Hlevac you can see karst pits and holes (for example the Kiclov Holes, the Šijski Pits). They say that there are more than one hundred springs around the Skradski Peak, the water from the Šerementovo Plateau sinks underground supplying the Zeleni Vir spring, the Kupica River and many other springs, all the way to Vrbovsko.  There is a number of good bike trails in the Skrad surroundings. The Risnjak National Park and the Golubinjak Park are not far away, while Bjelolasica, Risnjak, Bijele and Samarske Stijene Rocks are there for hiking trips. You can go angling or rafting on the Kupica and Kupa Rivers.