Skradski Vrh Peak
It is the usual excursion, which is taken from Skrad, with one of the most expansive and furthest views in Croatia, at least according to Hirc the author of the book on „Gorski Kotar“. One can see all the highland hills, the mountains of Učka, Velebit, Klek, Plešivica, the Slovenian Alps. If the weather is nice one can see the houses in Karlovac and the Zagrebačka Mount.
Zeleni Vir Spring 
The area of Zeleni Vir has been proclaimed a natural heritage reserve. Zeleni Vir is a vigorous spring at the bottom of a shallow, spacious cave with two vertical cliffs leaning over it 70 m high, and a lively cascade falling down creating a glittering water curtain.

Vražji Prolaz Canyon 
The second attraction is 800 meters long canyon - Vražji Prolaz. Many people think it is one of the most beautiful sights in our country. The wildly roaring mountain spring called Jasle has penetrated a narrow gorge, barely two meters wide, between about hundred meters high rocks. Galleries and bridges have been made over it on the carriers cut in the cliff. There are steep rocks around it and down below the foaming spring roars under your feet.

Muževa Hižica Site 
At the end of the Vražji Prolaz Canyon there is a new feature of this attractive excursion site the so called Muževa Hižica. This cave is located above the plateau at the end of Vražji Prolaz, the cave is very spacious approximately two hundred meters long and there are many dripstones inside it, at the end of the cave, which has not yet been fully investigated, there is a pond.

Kupa Source - Kupska Valley 
The Kupa River source is a pond-like karst spring, a mix of turquoise, green and blue colors, called also the Kupeško Lake. It is 200 m long and 30 m wide on average. The Kupa Source, one of the many still unsolved mysteries of karst grounds is one of the most vigorous, biggest and deepest Croatian springs. The Kupska Valley and the upper course of Kupa are a feast for eyes and the ideal spot for cycling and walking.

Kamačnik – the protected area, because of its natural beauty has drawn attention for a number of years. There is a pedestrian path, wooden bridges and galleries built through its picturesque gorge.

Protected Area of Petehovac 
Petehovac as the protected area has a special place in the tourism of Delnice, there is a skiing resort/slopes and a ski lift, and the night skiing is offered as well. It looks like stairs rising in the relief along the south east side of Delnice, with a rolling plateau behind it, very good for a skiing tour, with peaks higher than 1000 m, towards the Mrkopalj area. You can visit the ice hall, i.e., the skating field at Delnice and the sports hall with a swimming pool.

Golubinjak Forest Park 
Situated not far away from Lokve, an exceptional gift of nature, it will offer rest for the body and soul in the shade of its centuries-old forest.

The magnificent Risnjak massif, with its white bare rising cliffs and the highest peaks, dominates green highland forests. Like a crown among high rock grounds there is the Veliki Risnjak peak (1528 m) one of the most beautiful panorama points in Croatia, offering an infinite view of sceneries.